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  1. Delete old configurations (or back them up and copy the settings to the newly generated file) because they can cause conflicts whenever the configuration is added to
  2. Download the latest version
  3. Extract the contents of the zip archive
  4. Move the contents to the 'plugins' folder in your 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder. If one does not exist, create one.

  1. Edit the config to your liking. I suggest leaving the defaults as they work best.
  2. Load the plugin
  3. At any point, you may fire at a ped's [hand/arm] and they should drop whatever weapon they have.


  • Added the ability to blacklist certain weapons from the 'disarm ability'. See the 'BlacklistedHashes' list in the config file. Weapon hashes can be found linked below

  • Added the ability to disarm the player
  • Added more configuration options
  • Slightly changed disarm behavior
  • Added forgotten bone

Please leave suggestions for future updates below. Please also report any issues or mods conflicts below, but I can not guarantee this mod will be compatible with others.

"Inspired" by jedijosh920's 'disarm' plugin. This is not a clone, not even really a port but I guess you could consider it one.

There are a list of weapon hashes here.
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