2017 BMW 330d Touring SYP 1.0

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2017 BMW 330d Touring - South Yorkshire Police

First vehicle upload so any and all feedback is appreciated and will be taken on board for future uploads.

Credits to :
Vehicle purchased - A Bonser
Vehicle - Owens
Livery - Myself
Lightbar - Radley ( Edits made by self )
Ions - Radley
Buttonblasts - Radley
Matrix board - Radley ( Edits made by myself )
ANPR Camera's - D Pease & Steelydan
MDT - Pease
Light control box - D Pease
Boot equipment - D Pease

If I have missed anyone out from the credits please message me directly and it can be fixed

This vehicle is locked, please do not redistribute, rip or otherwise try to claim to work as your own. You may use this vehicle in communities etc. Please give credit where credit is due.
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