Coca-Cola Blimp 1.1

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Coca-Cola blimp
Hi! This is my very first mod ever and it's only a texture! I'm very new on this! (March 28, 2016)
Screenshots and testing by my friend bow
The last picture is from the first version
None! Please inform me if you find one

1. Replace files in using OpenIV: 

Backup is already included

You can edit it and if you upload an edited version please give me credit for the original version

Version 1.0 March 28, 2016
First upload, a not very polished version since the white stripes are cut off at the tip and tail of the blimp
Version 1.1 May 21, 2020
Uploading my second ever mod I decided to polish this one by changing the texture to something more clean looking
Old version is still available in the file

  • Me
  • Screenshots and testing by my friend bow
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최초 업로드: 2016년 03월 28일 (월)
마지막 업로드: 2020년 05월 22일 (금)
마지막 다운로드: 13시간 전

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다운로드 776 , 9.53메가바이트
2020년 05월 21일 (목)


다운로드 468 , 3.68메가바이트
2016년 03월 28일 (월)

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